thank you and good-bye SALE

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News of store closing sale holding

We would like to thank our customers for their patronage for a long time since the store opened on December 23, 1996.
We look forward to your visit.

In the future, we will continue to expand sales through mail order as RECOfan.
We are also accepting purchase of important collections.
We look forward to your continued patronage.

*We will announce the closing date as soon as it is confirmed.
Please come and take this opportunity.
*Due to the closing SALE, [Inventory inquiry] and [Reservation of goods] by phone are I cannot accept it. Humbly thank you for your understanding.
*You can shoot in the store. (*Please be considerate of the staff and other guests when shooting.)

About Shibuya BEAM store
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About Shibuya BEAM store

business AM 11:30~ PM 20:00
About consumption tax At Recofan stores and storefronts, product prices are shown excluding consumption tax.
With the tax increase effective October 1, 2019, a 10% consumption tax will be charged as a foreign tax.Thank you for your understanding.
A plastic bag will be charged from July 1st. Due to the revision of the law, shopping bag (shopping bag) will be charged. Please bring your own back with us.

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Used Items Multi-Buy SALE!!

Used Items Multi-Buy SALE!!
(Limited Time OFFER)
more than \350-(+tax) ALL USED ITEMS
(CD/DVD/Blu-ray/LP/EP/BOOK/GAME and Others)
Buy 5items or more at \200 off each
of the tax-included price.
Buy 5 eligible products and get 1,000 yen off the price including tax!


100 yen items with 10 points or more get half price!

Large amount replenishment every day! Limited to over-the-counter sales, even one sold out! !
Used CDs, DVDs, LPs, EPs, books, etc. can be mixed!
Buy 10 or more 100 yen items in bulk and get half price (50 yen + tax for 1 item)
This is a limited-time sale only for stock + over-the-counter stock, so check it out!


700,000 USED items! Replace every day!

We plan to replace and line up all products, from new arrivals to storage, over 3 months!
Various genres including CDs, records, books, posters, and audio equipment!
From valuables to rare items and items you have never seen! Check it out!!

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〒150-0042 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo31-2 SHIBUYA BEAM 4F